Active Members
Dr. Fritz V. Baugh, CEO

Dr. Kyle Stevens, Field Captain

Mike Devicente

Jeremy Hicks

Jason Knetge

Aidan Munroe

Dr. Jeff Nash

Mick Nielson

Reserve Members
Dr. Joey Williams, Chairman Emiritus

Dr. Andy Harness, Field Captain Emiritus

Micheal Chad

Dr. Ron Daniels, GBNOMAD

Dr. Robert Griffiths

Leon Hogan

Dr. Will Ketcham, GBIndependant

Peter Kong

(Picture Unavailable)
Dr. Zach La Voy

Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Headquarters Staff
Dr. Nathaniel "Otter" Masterson, Chief Engineer

Rose Prevost, Client Administrator

Chelsea Aberdeen Baugh, Client Administrator

Charlene Zeddemore, Intern

Spirit Liaison
Rachel Leavenworth
Financial Backer and Legend of Ghostbusting
Dr. Peter Venkman
In Remembrance
John Lipsyte (1980-2004)
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